DKHG is one of the best provider of steel piping material, such as: steel pipe and tube, steel plate, piping components, all kind of processing ball valve and fabricated piping components which comply to the standard of oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, energy and shipbuilding industry such as: API, ASTM, ASME, JIS, BS, DIN…

Visions - A Company Commitment

    DKHG is committed to the principles of sustainability. To fulfill that commitment, we continually work to:
    1. Advance the quality of life
    2. Bring new products and services to those who would benefit from them.
    3. Create economic growth.
    4. Reduce the environment impact and improve the heath and safety aspects of our operations, products and services.
    5. Foster the well-being of our employees and communities.

Solutions - More than materials.

    DKHG is an organization of keen listeners and flexible thinkers. We are engineers and industry experts in many years of global market, development and business expertise. We are also community supporters, mentors and helpers.
    When our customers are trying to seize an opportunity, solve a problem or expand into new things, we invite them to discuss with us and tell us what they hope to accomplish. We listen, understand and respond with flexible solutions.
    In the same way, we respond to the needs of our employees and the needs of the communities where we work and live.
    As a reputable supplier, we always hope to bring out the best products and services to corporation, company who rely on us for material sourcing. We always do our best to ensure:
1/ Quality products with accurate country of origin.
2/ Installation and commissioning services are carried out in a professional and
timely manner, according to technical requirements.
3/ Excellent post-sale support.
4/ Good price and discount.
    We hope to receive trust and support from our customers and we will guarantee your satisfaction working with us.